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Dynamic Support and Resistance in Daytrading, Swing Trading and longer term Investing can be extremely helpful.  The midas technical analysis indicators are a great example and they are frequently more accurate than trading trendlines, Bollinger Bands, ADX, Keltner Channels, Donchian Channels and many other indicators.  The midas method was conceived of by Dr. Paul Levine and takes price action and volume into consideration.

Paul Levine Midas Method

This is a new approach to charting the price history of a stock or commodity – A market analysis approach created by Paul Levine. The MIDAS method, an acronym for Market Interpretation/Data Analysis System. Designed to target attention on the dynamic interplay of support/resistance and accumulation/ distribution which are ultimate determinants of price behavior. Indeed, a Midas chart makes immediately visually apparent a critical degree of orderliness as to what might otherwise seem to be a random or chaotic system. CL chart without midas market analysis

Here we have an ordinary price and volume bar chart for Crude Oil Futures (CL).  There aren’t clearly evident trend channels, trendlines, support or resistance lines to reference.  Now evaluate the Midas chart for the same stock.  Explore Midas Market Analysis curves S/R levels in the following chart:

Chart of Crude oil with Midas Technical Analysis Indicator included

It is easy to see, in the above pic, how the Midas Technical Analysis Method reveals the lowest risk to reward trade setups possible in this scenario.

What is Trading – how many styles are there?  A new trader will also have to consider the timeframe he is using technical analysis can be applied to daytrading, swing trading or position trading with midas technical analysis.

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